This play evolved from Jana Sanskriti’s workshop with a group of women from some of the villages in West Bengal and was first staged in 1991. This play evolved from close to 200 different images conceptualized by the women’s groups. It portrays a girl being forced to marry at an early age. The father of the girl is even ready to sell his cultivable land to give dowry for his daughter’s marriage but not willing to educate her. Mother of the protagonist is also passive while her husband takes all the decisions and imposes upon them. In other words the play portrays the lives of women before, during and after marriage. It focuses on how patriarchy shapes the attitude of men towards women. This play has been staged over 3,500 times by all teams of Jana Sanskriti over the last three decades across India and rest of the world. Forum discussions based on this play have been enlightening irrespective of geography.

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