Khelar Ghar

Khelar Ghar

“Khelar Ghar” – This is a stage performance of A Dolls House in the platform of Forum Theatre. A radical political shift in the practice of Forum Theatre. Nora left home leaving her husband and children and liberated herself. But before she left home she told her husband that she never received a true love from her husband. She thought she was like a doll in the hand of her husband. Then after one hour and forty minutes play Joker asked spectators “what was then true love?” Is leaving home justified here for Nora? etc etc. Forum went on in a very vibrant mode. Sanjoy has improvised Jokering creating new pattern, his system now develops much more intimacy with the spect-actors. We now find a completely intense relationship between actor and spectator. Please find some moments of the play. More soon. Sima Ganguly

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