The theme that receives central attention in this play is the attitude that the government in power has towards citizens. But it should be said that in the play no party is singled out because in India and the world over, any government in power has the same attitude to its citizens. In this play, we explore the relationship between religion, spirituality and politics. Perhaps because we believe that spirituality and politics are not mutually exclusive. Organized religion was a hindrance in the path of scientific victory and it has colluded with the ruling class in acts of great violence against human beings. At the same time, religion outside of its organized form has revealed its humanity innumerable times in history of mankind. The degree of scepticism within religious belief in India, is apparent in that it has been able to embrace atheism within its fold and walk the same logical path. We all need to consider how this came to be. In order to fight against religious and political fundamentalism we need to understand this. This play has faced the issue head on.

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