About Muktadhara

About Muktadhara

Muktadhara is a bi-annual international forum theatre festival organized by Jana Sanskriti since 2004. ‘Mukta’ means free and ‘Dhara’ is a flowing stream. A flow that is free from dogma and all those structural constructs that prevent dialogue between people, is what is implied by the term Muktadhara – celebrating movement in peace and togetherness! This is when the glory of development is said to have taken place – participation in togetherness. The important reason for organizing festival is that it becomes an international meeting ground for Forum Theatre teams as well as those trained by Jana Sanskriti all over India. Each of these teams is active in their own regions; most of them are also heading organizations engaged in struggles to assert the rights of the marginalized. Though all these teams are linked to each other through their commitment to the Forum Theatre movement, they have had very little opportunity to interact with each other and see each other’s work. At this Festival we were able to provide this valuable opportunity. This interaction has no doubt imbibed each individual and team with the feeling that they are not alone in this challenging task of establishing dialogue in society. Usually Forum Theatre is performed before audiences who are also facing the problem portrayed in the play. Since problem solving and understanding the problem sociologically through collective action is the primary intention, the spectators and actors form a homogenous group. Write to muktadhara.janasanskriti@gmail.com for more details.

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