This play is an Indian adaptation of Mezgun Zerai’s “A Village Dream” (a young playwright from Eritrea) and was first performed in 2014 at Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata during Jana Sanskriti’s 6th international forum theatre festival (Muktadhara). The story is least specific about locale: “set in a village somewhere in Africa”, it is meant to be universal. It has music, choreographed steps, and many transitional scenes. The plot is simply that the women of the village reassess their roles and find: “we do everything without any help from our husbands” So they abandon the village and retreat to the mountains, leaving the men to fend for themselves. Love (and lust) draw men and women back together, and in the end it looks like they’ll work things out, as one of the women recounts that ages ago it had been men who had done all the work and walked out on their women, and the same story had unfolded, only with the roles reversed. So: “let’s share the bad and good together”.

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